Rope Access

Hetsco and USA Response have created a Rope Access division allowing us to better serve our clients that may have applications where scaffolding might be cost prohibitive or impractical. Rope Access can be utilized for inspections, maintenance and other functions.

Hetsco’s rope access technicians are members of SPRAT (Society or Professional Rope Access Technicians). Their services could include:

Scaffolding Difficulties

Where it may be almost impossible to locate a worker in an area such as a tight piping area, we can set up rope access systems enabling workers to be safely raised/lowered into areas inaccessible to scaffolds or need to make repairs quicker than scaffold could be erected.


Due to EPA specs; for example; certain high level areas, or hard to get to areas, may have to be inspected for wear and tear, and then possibly repaired. At Hetsco we can arrive with one of our rope access teams, set up the rope systems and put a worker or workers in position to do the work he needs to on ropes. We make it safe, comfortable, and it less costly to the host employer or owner of the plant.


Day to day maintenance in an operating plant can present many challenges. Rope access can make some of them easier, such as painting vertical piping or greasing a horizontal shaft that is hard to access. Rope Access can be completed safe and efficiently, saving time and money over scaffolding.


Installing new valves, dampers, measurement devices on towers, vessels, or stacks at height can be a scaffolding nightmare. These operations can be safe and efficiently performed by rope access.

Recent News

Chart Lifecycle Acquires Hetsco

"We are very excited to welcome the Hetsco team to the Chart Lifecycle family. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that will further bolster our commitment to delivering best-in-class, timely services to our customers.” Sam Thigpen, President – Chart Lifecycle, Inc.

Hetsco is delighted to announce that it has been acquired by Chart Lifecycle, Inc., a subsidiary of Chart Industries, Inc. The combined business will focus on extending equipment lifespan by offering services from installation/start-up, operations/maintenance, training/support, monitoring, process optimization, repair/maintenance and extended warranty. This acquisition supplements Chart’s current offering by bringing a full suite of welding services for industrial gas and gas processing facilities including mission critical repair, specialty maintenance, construction/fabrication and safety services, with a particular focus on brazed aluminium heat exchangers.

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