Power Generation Services

Hetsco’s high alloy specialty welders are also adept at installing piping in plants and removing/replacing piping in new or existing pipe racks and flare lines.

While Hetsco’s expertise is in specialty welding we have the personnel and experience to support your construction and repair needs. We provide services to install pressure piping systems, ash systems, ductwork, expansion joints, boiler/pressure parts, rotating equipment and heaters. With our 30 year background in power generation, we look forward to helping provide answers to your most difficult problems.

Hetsco has high alloy craftsmen experienced in the replacement of the Hastelloy lining in Wet Scrubber duct work.

Hetsco’s expertise in specialty welding provides for support of your critical environmental alloy projects. From liner repair/replacement on FGD and duct systems, to replacement of spray headers and complete duct systems, we can help.

Environmental System Maintenance and Repairs:

  • FGD Liners & Cladding
  • Precipitator Repairs
  • Air Preheater
  • SCR
  • Burner Replacement
  • Catalyst Replacement

Recent News

Chart Lifecycle Acquires Hetsco

"We are very excited to welcome the Hetsco team to the Chart Lifecycle family. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that will further bolster our commitment to delivering best-in-class, timely services to our customers.” Sam Thigpen, President – Chart Lifecycle, Inc.

Hetsco is delighted to announce that it has been acquired by Chart Lifecycle, Inc., a subsidiary of Chart Industries, Inc. The combined business will focus on extending equipment lifespan by offering services from installation/start-up, operations/maintenance, training/support, monitoring, process optimization, repair/maintenance and extended warranty. This acquisition supplements Chart’s current offering by bringing a full suite of welding services for industrial gas and gas processing facilities including mission critical repair, specialty maintenance, construction/fabrication and safety services, with a particular focus on brazed aluminium heat exchangers.

To learn more visit www.ChartLifecycle.com

Hetsco Acquision News In Times Square