Hetsco is a recognized service provider to the cryogenic industry in the repair of aluminum brazed fin heat exchangers, domestically and globally. Hetsco fabricates high quality cold boxes, specialty pressure vessels, columns and components for the gas processing industry. Hetsco also provides specialty welding for the power generating industry. In addition to planned or unplanned outage work, Hetsco provides full construction services to install new or relocated units, as well as major modifications to existing units. Hetsco also provides safety services for high angle rescue, permitted confined space monitoring and safety supervision. With a constant focus on completing projects safely and efficiently, Hetsco's philosophy has remained the same since 1982; providing 24-hour emergency response for unplanned outages and cost effective construction and management of planned projects.

Hetsco maintains two shops — one in Franklin, IN and one in Houston, TX.

The Franklin shop has 43,000 square feet of shop space and 4 overhead cranes with 25’ hook height and 110 ton capacity (2x30 ton, 2x25 ton).

The Houston shop has 32,500 square feet of shop space and two 10-ton overhead cranes and two 5-tons overhead cranes with all of the cranes having 20’ hook height. The shop sits on 12 acres and is convenient to shipping by truck or water across the USA or overseas.

Franklin Facility

New Franklin facility specs:

  • Crane Capacity (tons) 2 x 30
  • Crane Capacity (tons) 2 x 25
  • Hook Height (ft.) 25
  • Shop Space (sf) 43,000
  • Office Space (sf) 8,340
  • Welding Machines (each) 58
  • Overhead Door (ft.) 20h x 26w
  • Dock Doors (3)
  • Aluminum Welders (30)

Hetsco provides mission critical brazed aluminum heat exchanger ("BAHX") repair, maintenance, fabrication, construction and safety services to the industrial gas, liquefied natural gas ("LNG") and petrochemical industries. Additionally, Hetsco has expanded our services to include the procurement, fabrication, and field erection/repair of fired heaters and SMR's. Hetsco has performed work in 44 states and 35 countires worldwide.

Sam Willard, President and COO of Hetsco, Inc. commented "The new 51,360-square-foot facility on 11 acres of land, can be expanded to over 100,000 square feet and provides a new platform for day-to-day operations. The new facility not only satisfies near-term growth requirements, but will also keep pace with our aggressive global development plans and enable us to better facilitate our customers' growing needs."

Hetsco maintains the highest level of QA/QC welding and fabrication procedures that meet the rigorous requirements of the National Board of Inspection Code (NBIC). Hetsco has been granted the “R” stamp for repair of ASME pressure vessels, the “U” stamp for the authorized fabrication of unfired pressure vessels and the "S" stamp for steam piping fabrication.

The following list is some of the many areas of fabrication that Hetsco has completed:

  • Process piping
  • Small bore pipe fabrication
  • Heavy wall pipe fabrication
  • Vessel fabrication
  • Furnace/Heater radiant coil fabrication
  • Furnace/Heater convection coil fabrication
  • Manifolds/Headers
  • Skid & Modular unit fabrication
  • Specialty high alloy fabrication
  • U StampS Stamp and R Stamp ASME Code stamps

Recent News

Chart Lifecycle Acquires Hetsco

"We are very excited to welcome the Hetsco team to the Chart Lifecycle family. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that will further bolster our commitment to delivering best-in-class, timely services to our customers.” Sam Thigpen, President – Chart Lifecycle, Inc.

Hetsco is delighted to announce that it has been acquired by Chart Lifecycle, Inc., a subsidiary of Chart Industries, Inc. The combined business will focus on extending equipment lifespan by offering services from installation/start-up, operations/maintenance, training/support, monitoring, process optimization, repair/maintenance and extended warranty. This acquisition supplements Chart’s current offering by bringing a full suite of welding services for industrial gas and gas processing facilities including mission critical repair, specialty maintenance, construction/fabrication and safety services, with a particular focus on brazed aluminium heat exchangers.

To learn more visit www.ChartLifecycle.com

Hetsco Acquision News In Times Square